Inputs Jul 21, 2024  
Base Pressure:     Meter Size Actual Flow Rate

Operating Pressure:     m³/h
Delivery Charge:    
Commodity Charge:    
Average Annual Flow Rate:   % of max Flow Rate  
Meter Error:   % of avg ann. Flow Rate  
Recalibration Interval:   years  
Energy Content:     MMBtu - million Btu
Meter Size Base Flow Rate - exact value Base Flow Rate Base Annual Volume Cost of Gas - exact value Cost of Gas Energy - exact value Energy Cost Error - exact value Cost Error Energy Error - exact value Energy Error Error for Recal. Interval
SFR - unit m³/h Cost of Gas - unit $/year Energy - unit Cost Error - unit $/year Energy Error - unit Cost Error - unit $ Ener Error - unit
HC - High Capacity meters
To calculate the cost of inaccuracy in a natural gas meter, enter the data in the input fields above after selecting the system of units (either Metric or Imperial) and click on Calculate. Click the Reset button to reset to program defaults.